K A R L A  M A Y E



My name is Karla Maye (obviously) and I’m a 23-year old Filipina currently working in Saudi Arabia. I studied Communication Arts in College but I am working as an Administrative Clerk which clearly isn’t related to the industry I was aiming for. However, the universe has been good to me and allowed me to still practice what I’ve learned in college through blogging.

My hobbies include singing, playing the ukulele, gaming, watching series and films. I also dabble in photography, watercolour painting, and calligraphy.


I started blogging in mid 2007, when I was in 1st year high school. I posted anything I could think of, and I did not care if nobody read my blogs. I was just having fun writing and sharing my two cents on different topics. I have had many blogs ever since, and on different free blogging sites. And no matter where I was in life, I found myself blogging away.

A decade later, karlamaye.com was born! It was a long time coming, but here we are now with our very own domain name. It’s a little something to be proud of. It feels like having a virtual baby that I get to look after everyday.

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