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November 18, 2017

Apica Premium CD A5 Graph Notebook Review + Pen Test & December Preview!

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Hey guys!

I had a lot of people ask me about the notebook I use as my bullet journal, and I remember mentioning what it is a couple of times in my previous blog posts. I swear by to this notebook and this by far is the best notebook or journal that I have ever purchased. (I have ordered the Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks on Amazon though, and I look forward to making a comparison blog post!)

The Discovery

Once upon a time, I was strolling in National Bookstore in Quezon Ave. Branch and I stumbled upon this display of notebooks. There were Rhodia pads, Victoria’s, some generic notebooks, and this one.

The curious cat in me woke up, and went ahead and slyly opened one of them. I tell you, I have never been so shookth in my entire life. I didn’t know it was earthly possible for humans to produce such smooth paper with immaculate quality. I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve been a notebook nerd for most of my student life, and it was that one time that I first experienced true high with notebooks.

I was a student then, and upon flipping the notebook to check the price, I was shookth once again. It was worth P700, nearly half of my weekly allowance. I couldn’t afford it then, so I bid bye bye but I swore to myself that I had to get it someday.

Months have passed and I have moved on from the experience (but never forgot.) I left the Philippines and worked abroad for a year, then I was back in Manila again. That was the time that I had more than enough money to get me one of these notebooks of the gods. Back then, I didn’t intend to use it as a bullet journal. In fact, I had NEVER heard about Bullet Journal until a few months later.

After the purchase, I think I spent a good month trying to figure out how I was going to use it, and I didn’t even wanna write on it because it was smoother than my face.

Flew back to Jeddah, and that’s when I found out about Bullet Journal. I decided to use it for that purpose, and you can only imagine my regret once I had started using it. I wished I had used it as soon as I got it.

Apica Premium CD Notebook in A5 Grid

Featured on my blog Top 5 Planner Stationery Essentials, the Apica Premium CD Notebook comes in a variety of sizes. I picked the A5 one because the size is just right for me, and picked the grid one because I thought the lined ones are boring. Unfortunately, they haven’t released a dotted one which would have been perfect for bullet journalling. But let’s hope they release one soon!

Photo courtesy of

It has 96 sheets, which means you get 192 pages of baby butt goodness! Half of the first page has a built-in index, which I think isn’t enough especially for a 192 paged notebook, so I didn’t bother using it.

Aside from the paper being as smooth as a baby’s butt, each leaf is thick enough to withstand a bunch of inks and pens of different points. I have tested a couple of my pens that I use to bullet journal, and some for my calligraphy practice.

As you can see, there is visibly no feathering, I can even use it with my dip pen. However, with dip pens, there’s a little bit of bleeding going on, but I’m bad with controlling ink flow so I guess it’s fine! The paper is also able to manage my Fudenosuke which is really impressive.

The rest have a little bit of ghosting, but honestly, the picture I took looks worse than it actually is. It’s pretty decent in person, and I don’t mind a little bit of ghosting personally. I think it adds character to my pages.

The only con I have with this notebook is it doesn’t have a dotted hardback version. It would have been the notebook of my dreams and I would definitely purchase one in a heartbeat.

December Bullet Journal Preview

I was feeling fancy this past week and started setting up my December monthly view so I’ve decided to share it here!

Is it just me or does my December cover have this Stranger Things feel to it?! Christmas lights will never be the same again!

I always have an expenses tracker alongside my monthly view. Learn how to use my system here.

I recommend this notebook. That’s it. I’m not specifying for who or for what, I just recommend this. I love it so much. Get this baby butt notebook even if you don’t like notebooks. Honestly.

What notebook or journal are you using at the moment? Leave a comment below!

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