How to Lucid Dream: For Dummies

lucid dream

If there’s one thing I can talk about all day, it’s lucid dreaming.

A couple of years ago, back when I was in high school, I first experienced lucid dreaming. At first, I was clueless of course. What the hell is happening? Why does this feel so real and surreal at the same time? Also, where is my body?! The first thing I did – as I recall it – was to ride a broom stick and pretend I’m a witch straight out of Hogwarts, and then I remember riding a red sports car and running over people in the streets (too much GTA, I know.) It was extremely fun, so much fun that the excitement woke me up!

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Stranger Things

Recently, I have been watching and catching up with a lot of films and TV series. Being employed on a job on its vacation period, I had a lot of time to kill. I needed to do something to quench my thirst for movie and series watching. Within the past few months, I have finished watching How I Met Your Mother, and Breaking Bad. I am also following Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory, and Outlander, all of which are ongoing and I am just waiting for the next seasons to be out. Imagine the agony!

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The Trouble of Growing Up

I can still recall the smell of my father’s workshop. It was a small and cluttered space situated on the second floor of our rented home. It is a very memorable area of my childhood for me, because it is the place of my earliest memory. I was four at the time, while my sister, Pamela, and cousin, Bea, were just one year old toddlers. I can still remember how little they were, how hilariously tiny they looked, and how they smelled like milk all the time. Most of the time, they suck on milk bottles while half asleep, but during the day, they get by with their pacifiers. My sister had two of them, a pink one and a blue one, and no one could take them away from her.

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