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December 29, 2017

Pringo Photo Printer Review: The Perfect BuJo Companion!

A couple of days ago I found out about pocket printers. I mean, I’ve known they’ve existed years ago but only recently I’ve found myself becoming drawn to them and interested in owning one.

If you have read my previous blogs about the Leuchtturm1917 journals that I ordered, you would know that I have planned on using one as a personal journal/diary sort of thing. I haven’t even thought of actually sticking photos on each entry until I’ve seen a post on one of my BuJo groups on Facebook that featured an HP Sprocket. Read more

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February 15, 2015

Just Mini Things: Part 2

More toys.

Figured that it would look more convincing if shot on eye-level. Now it looks like everything is just sitting on a table.

I am promising myself as well to take more miniature photos from different places, because the view from here is umay.

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February 14, 2015

Just Mini Things

Just finished assembling my new toys. Kidding. This is Quezon Avenue in miniature filter.

Just finished assembling my new toys. Kidding. This is Quezon Avenue in miniature filter.


The wonders of DSLR cameras still amaze me. Gone were the days when people would have to wait for a couple of minutes to snap their black & white photo taken,  get it developed in weeks, and hang it on their walls.

I like miniature photography. It’s like having new toys in photos. It’s like visually travelling to childhood — when everything small was considered a toy, and it’s not a camera if it doesn’t flash.

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January 10, 2015

Making a short film

I never thought I’d ever venture into film making.

This film is entitled “Papa” by Flying Solo Productions (basically only me), and set in a little town. Our professor kept on reminding us that a film must have a “what if” logic in them. I figured, if worded properly, all ideas and concepts certainly will have a “what if” logic.

Truth be told, I had fun making this despite the fact that I work alone. I would like to thank everyone who tolerated my amateur skills in film-making. This is the first, and hopefully the worst.

I should level up or something.