Jarir Bookstore Haul!

jarir bookstore haul calligraphy

It’s been a few weeks since I last visited Jarir Bookstore, and today I had the chance to stop by. I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, I only said I was gonna browse because that’s what stationery junkies usually enjoy.

I know this isn’t really much of a haul, just a few things that I got today. As I was browsing the arts and crafts section, I couldn’t help but get one of these dip pen sets from Speedball.


I had the urge to reconcile with my calligraphy hobby, because I can’t even remember the last time I did calligraphy. I was too busy with work, I barely had time. But now it feels so good to be back.

The set contains two nib holders, and six nibs. Some of the nibs are meant to be used for drawing (Hunt nibs) and I can recall I used to have a bunch of Hunt nibs about a few years ago. IMG_1520IMG_1521

Personally, I don’t like using the smaller one because I don’t like the grip. I have mildly chunky little hands and it’s a struggle to grip it properly, thus resulting to improper pressure on the nib and ink going everywhere. Also, I realised it’s probably not made for modern calligraphy.


The set also came with a helpful guide, detailing the use of the nibs in drawing and some sample lettering.


Although I still have a jar of Indian ink which I got a few years ago from The Craft Central, I felt the need to grab one of these from Speedball. Upon trying it out, I discovered that it has the same consistency and intensity of the Indian ink I used to purchase from Deovir in SM North EDSA.


How could I have forgotten how messy calligraphy was? A few years ago when I first tried my hands on calligraphy, I got ink everywhere. Years later, things haven’t really changed much. Forgive my inky fingers! I feel like a beginner once again.


I also purchased this brush set which I intend to use for watercolour. I messed up my favourite round brush with oil paint because I did not research enough and did not know that once you’ve used a brush with oil, there’s no going back. Even if there was, the brush will never be the same. 🙁

Aside from the calligraphy and watercolour items, I also got a few pens (because duhh, there’s no such thing as enough pens). I got these ROCO 0.7 Pens in three colours.


I don’t know but I’m starting to have a thing for the colour blue! That sky blue pen is really pretty. I mean, I have more than enough pens to last a decade or two but I think I have to go back to get the other colours.

And that’s about it! I spent exactly SAR94 on all of these and I think it’s pretty worth it, especially with the calligraphy items that I got. Jarir Bookstore is a decent store for your arts and crafts needs but I will definitely splurge on more calligraphy items when I fly back home to Manila. I’m really looking forward to shop in Scribe in SM Megamall, because they have paper items intended for calligraphy use, while Jarir doesn’t.

Overall, the Speedball nibs and ink were okay, the brushes were decent as well, and the pens are lovely.

What are your favourite stuff to purchase in bookstores? Leave a comment below! <3

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  1. you write so beautifully! both the blog entry and calligraphy. i don’t know when will i reach a point where i dont need a grid paper to write straight!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I admit though that I still need to practice my calligraphy because it’s been months since I’ve done it on a daily basis. 🙂

      1. It’s so pretty thoughhhh. *jelly* are the hunt nibs less flexible? i just bought the Brause blue pumpkin but havent got the chance to use it yet. Calligraphy gives me the cramps D:

        1. I love Brause blue pumpkin! It’s one of the most flexible nibs I’ve ever used. And yes, the Hunt nibs included in the set that I got are less flexible. You might want to try the Nikko G nibs, they’re also flexible and easy to use. 🙂

          1. You know, the only reason why I bought the blue pumpkin was because it was called the blue pumpkin hahaha. Too cute! The tip of my Nikko G nib is a little rusted so it’s scrapes on the paper now 🙁 Any ideas on how to remove the rust?

          2. I haven’t experienced rusting on my nibs, but according to a quick google search, using vinegar and scrubbing the nib with aluminum foil might work. 🙂

            You can avoid rust by keeping your nibs dry and using proper nib cleaners when you clean them. 🙂

          3. No worries! I love “ramblings” 😂 I’ll make sure to post more calligraphy related blogs in the future. ☺️

    1. Thank you ateeeee! <3 I wish the set came with an oblique holder instead, medyo struggle is real kapag straight hahahaha!