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September 24, 2017

Top 5 Planner Stationery Essentials

top five planner stationery essentials

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Planners have evolved from being a simple planning tool to a hybrid planning scrapbook. Sure, there are still people out there who have never decorated their planners. But when I entered the planning world two years ago, I met groups of people who dedicate their time and money in making their planners look fancy. I became one of them and devoted an hour or so a day in sorting my weekly plans.

In this blog, I’m going to happily share with you my top 5 planner stationery essentials. These are the tools that have been staples in my planning life, and have helped me in organising my plans the fun way.

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Top 5 planner stationery essentials


1. Good quality planner or notebook

A good quality planner or notebook is the top essential in being a planner girl. A few of my favourite planners are from FiledThey release a variety of planners annually, just choose which best suits your preferences.

graph notebook planner

My Apica Premium CD Notebook in A5 graph. I wrote my name in calligraphy using my Pilot Petit 3 Fude Pen. I got this from National Bookstore in Manila for Php699.00. This is also available on Amazon. I’m adapting the bullet journal system while still subtly decorating it with calligraphy.

At the moment, I’m using this Apica Premium CD Notebook in A5 graph. I prefer to use the graph/grid version because it’s just so easy to section each page. I don’t think this notebook is meant to be used as a planner, but I was surprised at how smooth and thick each leaf is. Brush pens don’t bleed at all!

I recommend getting a notebook or planner with smooth and thick leaves if you are into calligraphy. Otherwise, a cheap and rough one will make a huge mess if you dare use a brush pen or any pen thicker than 0.7mm.

Check out more paper recommendations and some more planner essentials on The Wise Lark! She also listed some of her favourites that you should definitely give a try.

2. Good quality pen

Like how the cover of my notebook says, “Choose the paper like you would a good pen.” Meaning, the quality of your paper and your pen must be proportional! Choose a high quality pen that you plan on using everyday. When I was living in Manila, I always went for the Pilot G-Tec-C 0.4mm Pens that were easily available to me.

roco ink roller pens

Roco Free Ink Rollers. I got these from Jarir Bookstore. These are one of the best pens I have ever tried!

Now that I’m in Saudi Arabia, I use Roco Free Ink Roller pens from Jarir Bookstore. These are about SR4.00 a piece, tad cheaper than the Pilot G-Tec-C Pens. They are also waterproof and fade proof! I love the 0.5mm one because the point is just right for me, but there are also other sizes that you can choose from.

While The Wise Lark and I are both addicted to collecting pens, there are indeed ones that are our favourite, the rest is just jealous!

3. Fine Liners

Now that you have high quality notebooks and pens, next thing you would definitely need are fine liners! These are some sort of tiny markers. I specifically use this for headers and for dividing sections in my notebook.

stabilo point 88 fine liners black light purple and purple

Stabilo Point 88 Fine Liners. In the photo are my black, light purple, and purple ones.

These are about Php29.50 a piece, and if you visit Stabilo’s shelf in National Bookstore, you will find that they have loads of other colours to choose from! There’s a variety of hues displayed on the shelves, and best believe you will find yourself collecting them.

4. Brush Pens

If you are a planner girl and you don’t use brush pens, guuurrl join the club! My planners looked way better when I started learning calligraphy. It’s just a little something to make your planners look fancy without all the washi tape fuss. (However, my twin The Wise Lark loves washi!)

Pilot petit pens

Pilot Petit pens. In the photo, the first three include Pilot Petit 3 Fude Pen in Pink, Blue, and Black, and the fourth one is my Pilot Petit 2 Sign Pen.

These are the Pilot Petit Pens that I got from National Bookstore. I only own three colours at the moment (pink, blue, and black), but they are available in 8 colours. These are Php87.00 a piece, and have hard felt tips that make it easier to make thin and thick strokes. They are similar to the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens that I used to love.

Also, they are small and cute!! Probably just as small as a lipstick tube.

5. Rulers (duh!)

Shook! You didn’t see that coming, did you? Rulers, to be honest, are super underrated. No one talks about having a nice ruler in their stash, but I will! Yes, rulers are essential. It might be just your ordinary grade school supply, but it straightens those lines and does the job.


My rulers. I just realised how I love them so much.

I’m using two rulers at the moment. The thick one is a flexible one I got from a sticky note set, while the other one is just a generic plastic ruler you can find anywhere. I don’t even need to emphasize how helpful a ruler is. Just go get one, girl.

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++ Bonus! ++

pencil case

My pencil case when closed. I got this from SM Department store years ago.

I also want to include this in my planner essentials, because this pencil case is the most convenient pencil case I have ever had. When closed, it’s just your typical pencil case tube. You will notice it has two zippers, because…

pencil case

My pencil case when open! I got this from SM Department store years ago.

It turns into a two-well pencil holder when opened! Whoever invented this should be given a huge raise. I don’t know where else to get this online, but I got this from SM Department Store years ago. It’s a roomy case and can hold almost all of my stationery pens.

My Planner/Bullet Journal

Sharing time! Here are a few photos of my bullet journal that I recently started. Sharing with you my October empty spreads using the materials I listed above.

planner monthly overview

My monthly overview.

october monthly planner

October 2017 overview.

monthly goals

Monthly goals!

monthly expenses

Monthy Expenses.

Don’t forget to check out The Wise Lark‘s list of planner stationery essentials. She also featured her planner photos! I met her in one of the blogger groups on Facebook and it was so fun because we have the same name! She’s Karla Mae and I’m Karla Maye! And we’re both planner girls!

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