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December 29, 2017

Pringo Photo Printer Review: The Perfect BuJo Companion!

A couple of days ago I found out about pocket printers. I mean, I’ve known they’ve existed years ago but only recently I’ve found myself becoming drawn to them and interested in owning one.

If you have read my previous blogs about the Leuchtturm1917 journals that I ordered, you would know that I have planned on using one as a personal journal/diary sort of thing. I haven’t even thought of actually sticking photos on each entry until I’ve seen a post on one of my BuJo groups on Facebook that featured an HP Sprocket.

Originally, I had wanted an HP Sprocket (for obvious reasons.) Believe me, I was so all over it! I spent two days researching, reading reviews and watching unboxing videos on YouTube. That’s how I am when I become obsessed with having something! I have never thought I needed a photo printer so badly until that day.

So I went ahead and looked where I can get it from where I am because unfortunately Amazon doesn’t ship the item to Saudi Arabia. I knew I would find one in Jeddah International Market (or Sarawat) because there’s like a whole strip of electronic shops in there. Unfortunately, I didn’t find one and was so heartbroken, but by the grace of all holy, I found an alternative!

Pringo Photo Printer

I found the Pringo Photo Printer instead, just a little box sitting on the shelf of this shop called Abdulwahed, collecting dust. I’ve come to the conclusion that photo printers aren’t a big hit in my area. I inquired (and when I say “I inquired” I mean I elbowed my dad to go ask the vendor stuff about it because I kind of sort of hate human interaction with strangers), and found out it was only for SR250, approximately $60 or P3,000!

I wouldn’t have bought it if the vendor didn’t give me five, and I mean FIVE, boxes of photo paper refills with 30 sheets in each. Each box is about SR45/$11 so I think it was a great deal.

Okay, onto the proper review!


The Pringo Photo Printer is a pocket photo printer by HiTi Digital that uses an eco-friendly dye-sub technology and is very sustainable. It prints via WiFi, has an app optimized for Android and iOS, and the printer itself came with a 10-sheet pack of photo paper and a ribbon.

I don’t know how the mechanics work, but unlike other photo printers, aside from just feeding it paper, you’ll need to change the ribbon as well. That is why the photo papers come in bulky boxes because they also come with their own ribbons, one for a pack of ten photo papers.

Along with the ribbon and photo papers, it also came with a charger for the battery, a user’s manual, and a warranty sheet.

Upon opening the box, I got really confused and had to read through the manual thoroughly because I haven’t seen anything like it before, you know, with the ribbon and stuff. I didn’t wanna mess it up, but eventually I understood how to install everything and I got it to work perfectly.

The size is quite bulky compared to other photo printers. While it’s almost the same length as an iPhone 7, the thickness is something you’ll have to consider before purchasing. Personally, I don’t mind as I’m not planning on taking it on the go. I do most of my journalling at home anyway.

Pringo App

Aside from the installation being a little bit confusing, the app had confused me to its full potential. I’ve never been so confused in my life until I tried using the app. It’s the sort of confusion that when you start to understand how to use something or how it works, you just get the hang of it being a little confusing. Like how I’m writing this paragraph, it’s confusing af but you still get me though right?

If you’re the type to go overboard with stickers and frames for your photos, you will not enjoy the app. I suggest you download a separate editing app for your photos and then just use the Pringo app solely for printing. It’s confusing and frustrating.

Here are the photos I’ve printing with the Pringo Photo Printer. Photos of me and family + my dopey boyfriend. Shout out to mama and papa for their cute couple photo with nose packs on!

The print quality is above average. It’s not so poor, it’s not the best, it’s not even “okay”, it’s above okay. I’m quite happy with it and I feel like it’s the best SR250 I’ve ever spent. I would still love to get an HP Sprocket someday, but for now, or for 2018 specifically, I’m sticking with my Pringo.


I’m very happy with how the printer turned out. I thought I was going to get scammed because it was a China product (no offense if you’re Chinese! – but you all know what I mean) and yet I can honestly use the meme “It went better than I expected” meme here if only I have the MS Paint skills to make it.

Points of improvement though, I hope they address all the confusions and make the product a bit more user friendly especially for super newbies because I can tell you can easily mess up the installation if you get one bit wrong. The app is also horrible, the interface looks like a virus app! Okay I may be exaggerating a little bit, but it doesn’t look right to me.

If you’re in the Philippines, you can get it from Lazada and Shopee. If you’re in Saudi Arabia, just drop by the nearest Abdulwahed shop and you’ll find one, or you can order from their website at If you’re from the US or other parts of the world, try Amazon!

In the end, the photos it prints are what matters to me. I can’t wait to start 2018 with this Pringo Photo Printer, and log my memories for future viewing!

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