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January 8, 2018

The Slacker’s Guide to Becoming More Productive

Hello, hello!

We all have lazy days, sometimes we call them “one of them days”, but then it turns into one of them weeks, months, years… Eventually we’ve become lazy most of our lives without ever achieving anything! It’s not supposed to be like that, and we can change that. While there’s no cure to laziness, there’s definitely a way to sort of mask it (which is probably what all these adulting are all about).

I’m so lazy, even trying to start this blog almost pushes me to procrastination. But today is not the day for procrastinating, I’ve scheduled another day for that!

On this blog, we’re going to talk about a couple of effective ways that I’ve curated to become slightly, if not moarrr productive, even if you’re as lazy as the guy who designed the Japanese flag.

Tidy Up

I get it. We’re all Simon Cowell in the mornings – “It’s a no from me.” So take your time in bed. Set a time you’re meant to be out of bed, and just chill in bed for a couple of minutes. Scroll on social media, check your e-mails, stalk that person on Facebook, unfriend that annoying narcissistic girl on Instagram, read the news, etc. Once you’re done, get up and make your bed.

If you plan on trying to be productive at home, tidy up your work space. Declutter and organise your stuff. Forget about being an organised mess for a minute and focus on getting rid of things you don’t need on your desk to make space for you to actually work in. Don’t think too much, just do it for the sake of it. Put some music on if that helps!

Have a Cuppa

If you love tea or coffee or hot chocolate, go and make some! Treat yourself to a hot beverage before anything else. It’s going to generally wake you up and help you kick start with your plans.

Tea and coffee will really help as they both contain caffeine, which is the best brain stimulant that’s gonna switch the lights on in that head of yours whether you like it or not. It’s also the most natural anti-depressant drug so you’re not only productive, you’re also generally happy!

As for hot chocolate, it doesn’t contain caffeine, but it consists of chocolate goodness and warm hugs.

Write Down your Plans

Once you’ve finally settled in your tidy work space with a hot beverage in one hand, grab a pen and a pad of paper or a notebook with the other. Write down in bullets the things you’re meant to be doing, and put all the things in your head onto the paper. You can opt for a to-do list or note taking app like Evernote, but I suggest you do it with pen and paper. It feels infinitely better especially with a decent pen!

If you want to take the extra step, head on to and study the ways of the force! Kidding aside, a bullet journal is the perfect planning and note taking system for lazy people who want to be organised. It is known as BuJo (which most of you probably know!) and is made by Ryder Carroll. I’ve been using the system since September 2017 to organise my personal and work life and it’s made everything really easy for me. It’s like having a personal assistant!

Use the Pomodoro Technique

Fun Fact: The Pomodoro Technique is inspired by the usage of a tomato timer!

So we got it all laid out: tidy desk, yummy cuppa, and a listed plan, what’s next? Let’s get to work, using the Pomodoro Technique!

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method created by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s. The method is basically just setting your timer to 25 minute intervals with five or 15 minute breaks in between. You’re meant to be working undistracted during the intervals, and you get to do anything you want during your breaks.

Download the nifty desktop app at or the iOS app Be Focused.

I’m using the Pomodoro technique as of writing this blog, and it’s made me feel less stressed and the pressure is 404 Error Not Found because I know I get to go on breaks even for just five minutes. I also use this technique when I’m taking my online classes so I don’t get strained and virtually cut classes like I did in college.

Taking breaks is essential, and the Pomodoro technique will positively change the way you work!

Accept that You’re Lazy and Embrace It!

Some people, including me, are just lazy in nature. We can’t help it. We just don’t want to moooove. However, the things above have definitely helped me change my mindset and lessen my procrastinating tendencies a little bit, which is nice.

Once you’ve identified the problem, the next thing you do is to solve it. Our problem is our laziness, so I hope that after you have tried the things above, you will be on your way to becoming more productive and finally tick something on your 2018 New Year’s Resolution.

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