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January 27, 2018

Why You Should Use a Fountain Pen

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen -

“Why would I use a fountain pen in 2018?” You might bite at me.

Yeah, I totally get you. There are a lot of disposable and refillable pens available in the market that you can purchase. Why would there be any reason to go out my way to buy a fountain pen? Why would I need to use one like an old person!?

I thought the same before I purchased my first fountain pen. It’s exponentially more expensive than the normal pen I use, and it’s so intimidating! I thought it was hard to use, and I thought I wasn’t worthy. In my mind, I had always thought of historical people changing the course of history by writing down genius ideas and practically saving human kind. What would I write?! My bloody grocery list? Using a fountain pen?

Then again, why not?

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen -

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen -

A Little Background on Fountain Pens

A fountain pen is the successor of the dip pen. It is a nib pen with an ink reservoir, unlike it’s predecessor, which you need to constantly dip in ink. The earliest mention of fountain pens dates back to the 10th century, and up until 2018, people are still using them.

There are many reasons why people still like and love using fountain pens even to this day. You might think they are very outdated and obsolete, but there are tons of people around the world who are fountain pen enthusiasts!

Whenever I use my Pilot Metropolitan in public, I get looks from people. I’m not sure what they’re thinking, probably amazed because they had never seen someone use a fountain pen before. Or probably wondering how this weirdo managed to time travel.

By the time you finish reading this blog, I will have convinced you to purchase your very first fountain pen if you don’t have one yet. And if not, you can always go back to using your ballpoint roller pens but please know I hate you. I’m kidding! Your pen, your choice! But let me enlighten you about fountain pens! (Oh wow I’m so excited!)

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen -

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen?

If you are someone who writes a lot (doesn’t matter what), then you should start using a fountain pen. It can be very intimidating at first, but no one will judge you! When you purchase fountain pens, no one from the shops will think you’re a weirdo. You are anything but a weirdo! You are a classy person with classy choices.

Let me list down a couple of things why you should start using one, and hopefully they’ll convince you!

Environmental Friendly

Fountain pens are very friendly to the environment. Regular pens are usually disposable. There are available refills for some brands, but it will soon run out as well and you’d have to buy more refills. Imagine the packaging, the plastic cartridge, the cartons that you contribute to waste!

With fountain pens, you buy a bottle of ink, and you’re basically good for a good couple of months before you’d need another. There are cartridge refills for fountain pens as well, but they are not environmental friendly. So the bottle of inks are your best bet!

Exceptional Writing Experience

You will never know a good writing experience if you have never tried writing with a fountain pen. I thought the Pilot G-tec-C was the best pen in the world before I purchased my Pilot Metropolitan. I felt like I just discovered a whole new fantasy world of pens. It gives you that little high feeling whenever you use it.

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen -

Good Investment

There are loads of cheap fountain pens available online and in stores. However, if you have a lot of moolah to spend and are looking for a good investment other than a house and lot, luxury fountain pens are the answer.

I had someone once say to me that I shouldn’t tighten the belt when it comes to fountain pens, because they are indeed really good investments. Like jewelleries and properties, they hold great value and doesn’t depreciate. I’m talking about the fountain pens that are over thousands of dollars.

Great Memento

Like jewelleries and other personal properties, they are good stuff to pass down from generation to generation. I’ve seen a lot of people inheriting their fountain pens from their grandparents, and it’s something really awesome to think about. Imagine passing down a souvenir to your children or grandchildren one day, and telling them to take care of it and love it like you would! What a concept.

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen -

Use a fountain pen, they say. It will be fun, they say.

Of course, like all things on earth, there are a couple of challenges and little inconveniences of using a fountain pen. These are the stuff that might bother you, but of course, I will offer simple solutions!

Careful Maintenance

Unlike regular pens which you only need to screw the cap after use, fountain pens are a little bit demanding of your care. You’d need to clean it and flush it out every once in a while, make sure the nib is well lubricated with ink, and make sure to never leave ink in for long periods without using it.

Not to worry though. You get used to cleaning it, and it only takes less than five minutes to do it!


The first time I tried to refill my fountain pen, I got ink all over my hands! When I tried using it, I smudged it accidentally.

It is perfectly normal to get your hands a little bit messy if you aren’t careful. But some pen enthusiasts carry these ink marks proudly! I know I do!

The solution is to work slowly when refilling, and wipe as soon as possible before it dries. Regarding the smudging, it really depends on the ink you use. There are inks that are fast drying, but can potentially damage the nib in the future. To avoid smudging, make sure to leave it alone for a couple of seconds, or use a blotting paper.

Paper Choices

It is recommended that you use only fountain pen friendly paper. They are usually called ink-proof, which means that you can use a fountain pen on it and your ink won’t bleed to the other side and won’t feather. You might think fountain pen friendly papers are hard to find, but there are cheap notebooks that are surprisingly fountain friendly! You just have to look and test it out.

I recommend the Apica Premium CD Notebook. It has the best paper in the world! And if you have a BuJo, and you use a Leuchtturm 1917 Journal, it works fine on there as well. LT1917 are fountain pen friendly.

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen -

My Opinion

Personally, I started using fountain pens because I was just merely curious and wanted to own one. I wasn’t expecting it to be really good. I use it on my BuJo and everywhere possible! I just love indulging in a smooth writing experience, and it makes me feel that what I write matters.

If you have been thinking about getting your own, let me pull my best Shia Lebouf impersonation and JUST DO IT. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday, you said tomorrow, so JUST DO IT. Use a fountain pen. 

Start out with the cheap ones if you’re scared to shell out money, and be well on your way to your fountain pen journey!

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  • Kyle

    I’ve never tried using a fountain pen! I guess this is the sign I’ve been waiting for! Now, off to the bookstore!

    January 29, 2018 at 12:34 pm Reply
    • karlamaye

      This will be the best decision you will ever make! Hahaha!

      January 29, 2018 at 12:37 pm Reply
  • Kara

    Fountain pens have intrigued me since childhood! You post makes me really want to look for one now!

    January 29, 2018 at 7:56 pm Reply
    • karlamaye

      Go Kara! Let us know when you’ve got one. I suggest the Pilot Metros, very good for a first FP! x

      January 30, 2018 at 8:05 am Reply
  • Pip

    I will try this. I love writing letters and they will look great using one of these.

    January 30, 2018 at 12:44 am Reply
    • karlamaye

      I highly recommend FPs! x

      January 30, 2018 at 8:06 am Reply

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