Stranger Things

Recently, I have been watching and catching up with a lot of films and TV series. Being employed on a job on its vacation period, I had a lot of time to kill. I needed to do something to quench my thirst for movie and series watching. Within the past few months, I have finished watching How I Met Your Mother, and Breaking Bad. I am also following Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory, and Outlander, all of which are ongoing and I am just waiting for the next seasons to be out. Imagine the agony!

I started watching Better Call Saul, a spin-off and sequel of Breaking Bad series, but then I noticed my Facebook newsfeed slowly filled with posters, GIFs of the lights on the alphabet wall, and reactions from friends on Stranger Things. Curiosity hit me, and the next thing I knew, I finished season 1 in one sitting.


I am going to list here a few things I love about Stranger Things and why I recommend it. I will try my best not to spoil anything!

1. Stranger Things is simply ART.

I have long since noticed this about Communication Arts and Media students/graduates. One cannot watch something without acknowledging the production. Stranger Things tells a story without sacrificing the aesthetics of the 1980’s. From the set, props, soundtracks, to the casting of actors. It is truly a work of art.


2. Stranger Things is extremely nostalgic.

Now, I am not an 80’s kid. I was born in the 90’s, but Stranger Things has elements that will bring you back to the past. I can only imagine how nostalgic this must be for the 80’s kids.

Again, thanks to the production, the look and feel of the entire series is a time machine, so to speak. Especially if you love conspiracies like Area 51, this series will be your ultimate series-gasm.


3. Stranger Things makes you question reality.

I have been questioning reality ever since I finished reading Michael Scott’s Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (which I really recommend). But Stranger Things takes reality-questioning on a whole new level. Not only reality, you may also question what more the government is hiding from you.


4. Stranger Things is a wonderful mix of genres.

Science fictions have been becoming mainstream, and sci-fi movies had always been hits with the younger audience. The premise of Stranger Things is not entirely unique – alien monster from another dimension, telekinetic kid, etc.- but the way it incorporates each genre to another is seamless. It is not your ordinary sci-fi horror series, it’s your strange sci-fi horror series. See what I did there?


5. Stranger Things Season 1 has like a billion of plot opportunities.

The finale for the first season leaves a lot of question and mind boggling theories. There are a lot of areas to explore, a lot of characters to dig into, and a lot more worlds to enter. I could list them here, but I don’t want to spoil! You know a series is good when you can come up with thousands of theories. I cannot wait for the following seasons.


Kudos to the Duffer brothers for the wonderfully made series, and hopefully, the next seasons, if not as good, are better than the first!

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