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January 27, 2018

Why You Should Use a Fountain Pen

Why Should I Use a Fountain Pen -

“Why would I use a fountain pen in 2018?” You might bite at me.

Yeah, I totally get you. There are a lot of disposable and refillable pens available in the market that you can purchase. Why would there be any reason to go out my way to buy a fountain pen? Why would I need to use one like an old person!?

I thought the same before I purchased my first fountain pen. It’s exponentially more expensive than the normal pen I use, and it’s so intimidating! I thought it was hard to use, and I thought I wasn’t worthy. In my mind, I had always thought of historical people changing the course of history by writing down genius ideas and practically saving human kind. What would I write?! My bloody grocery list? Using a fountain pen? Read more