“The Sims Mobile” Coming Soon on iOS & Android

Am I the only one around here who’s excited af????

After the very disappointing The Sims Mobile game released on Facebook (?) a few years ago, which has a gameplay similar to a piece of potato, EA is finally releasing a proper mobile version of our all time favourite game. As per the trailer, it looks very much like the PC version and might very well be my new favourite mobile game.

The PC version of this game has been the staple game so to speak in my household ever since my age was a single digit. My sister and I are expansion pack junkies, and spend hours and hours on end building lots and playing our created sims. Now, we can finally bring our sim addiction to the next level!

I’m so stoked for this game! I’m mostly on my mobile nowadays, and once this gets released, I should probably get a durable and trustworthy power bank.

Watch the video for The Sims Mobile trailer, and you can visit here for updates.

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  1. Just a few days ago, I downloaded “Sims FreePlay” on the App Store. I’m not sure if it’s only available for all devices but you should really try it!!!

    1. That was it ate!!! I didn’t like that game because of the limitations (?), like you’re only given a certain amount of energy and it’s nowhere near the PC version. I can’t wait for this one!

      PS: Sorry for the late reply, been revamping my blog ate. Sobrang hassle! Hahahahah!