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November 28, 2017

Zebra Mildliner Sets + Leuchtturm1917 Swatch

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Stationery is life. Capitalized and italicized.

I’ve always known I was a stationery junkie ever since grade school. I can still remember in 1st grade when I got in trouble for selling papers I had designed and decorated in class for 1 peso a piece. Apparently, it was illegal!!! My classmates loved them, I had handfuls of customers on a daily basis.

My love for stationery grew, and the next thing I know, I’m a 23-year old adult obsessed with stationery. Book stores and art stores are my paradise on earth, and acquiring new paper and pen products is just my happy pill.

Zebra Mildliner Sets

My stationery addiction branched out into different fields of stationery goodness. I was a planner binder addict last year, and I had tons of time decorating my weeklies with washi tapes, stamps, stickers, etc. I had so much fun, but life got in the way and that hobby came to a halt.

This year, I’m starting on taking my Bullet Journalling seriously. Not serious in a way that I won’t design my pages anymore, no! But I realised, planning my daily life shouldn’t take half of the day or it defeats the purpose. So the bullet journal system is perfect.

Lately, I’ve been browsing pinterest for BuJo layouts, and I kept seeing flatlay photos of people’s BuJo along with these cute highlighters. What are those and where can I get them?!

I rummaged the internet and found the Zebra Mildliner Sets for about $15 on Amazon. It was on sale, and since I just recently had one of the best experiences in shopping online on, I decided to purchase the sets!

They arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to swatch them on my Leuchtturm1917, which I intend to use as my 2018 BuJo.

I have a new cover for my desk! It’s an old Ikea desk so the top layer is a bit tattered, I had to get it covered with a sticker thing, more like a wallpaper. Isn’t it cute?

How many sets are there?

I have to take note that there are only 3 sets in existence in this universe. The supposedly 4th set of the Zebra Mildliners are apparently fake. I watched this video by the Tokyo Pen Shop on YouTube, and she confirmed that the circulating 4th set of these highlighters are a counterfeit.

Yikes. Anyway, moving on.

Swatches on Leuchtturm1917

A couple of days ago, my Leuchtturm1917 came and I’ve been resisting the urge to write on it. I wanted to start using it when January 2018 is closing in but I just couldn’t help myself! Especially now that I have these mildliners in my pen case!!!

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Here are the swatches on one of the last few pages of my Leuchtturm1917.

Swatches of the Zebra Mildliners, both the broad tip and the marker tip! And yes, I misspelt the Purple and I tried my best to save my life but it was hopeless!

The first row is the fluorescent set. This set’s colours are very similar to the typical highlighters you can purchase from the market, but a little bit faint. I initially thought it was a bit dried up but it actually was just that faint. Probably the reason why some of the reviews say they received their sets dry.

The second row is the warm set, and the third is the cool set. Honestly, the colours are so pretty and very pleasing to the eyes. They aren’t as blinding as the fluorescent set, I’m just so in love! I couldn’t pick a favourite colour off the bat, but if I am to pick one looking at these swatches, I think grey and smoke blue are my top two.

And if you’re curious, here’s the back of the swatch page. There is minimal ghosting but it doesn’t bother me at all. If it does bother you, you might want to try the Apica Premium CD Notebook instead.

Back of the mildliner swatches, featuring my baby Muji!

I loved swatching these mildliners on my Leuchtturm, I think it’s just the perfect combination. However, just a quick tip, if you’re unsure whether a pen will smudge if you use a highlighter on top of it, just use the highlighter first then write on top of it. #lyfhax

Learned this the hard way because my Muji 0.38 smudged! If you really want to put highlighter on top of the pen, just make sure to leave it for a few seconds to dry.

That’s all folks!

Nearly a month to go and it’s 2018. Time to get organised and learn how to manage time well! Hopefully these highlighters will be helpful (I know it will) in planning my daily life for 2018, and I’m looking forward to it!

What are your favourite highlighters?

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